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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Do We Need To Do?

There has been lots of talk over the last couple of weeks about the ACFW National Conference in Denver this week. Many of us have been frantic in our preparations, hours spent perfecting manuscripts, time agonizing over elevator pitches, palms sweating over potential meetings with agents and editors.

Even for those of us who won't be attending the conference, there have been ways to get involved. Preparing materials for our chapter, critiquing proposals for friends, volunteering to help set up tables -- many have gotten involved in countless ways.

So now that we are here, down to the wire, let's consider what part each one of us can play in the conference, regardless of whether we are attending or not. Just because it seems like the work is done, it really isn't.

As you have read in previous blogs, there will be over 500 Christian writers coming from all over the world. While sometimes it can seem like we are involved in a solitary pursuit, the fact that 500 like-minded believers are coming to Denver should light a fire inside of each one of us.

What part can every writer out there play, regardless of their financial situation, publishing situation, writing accomplishment situation, family situation -- regardless of where we are and what we are doing?


Pray like you've never prayed before.

The enemy will be faithful to attack over and over again during this conference. We've already seen instances where he tried to keep people from attending, from driving here. We know he is roaming around, looking for who he may devour.

And it can be easy to let him devour our hopes for this conference. He can steal our joy, rob us of our finances, purloin our travel arrangements. He is more than happy to keep us from fulfilling the plan of God.

So pray. Pray for safe travel for all attendees. Pray for protection and provision for the families left at home. Pray for open hearts for agents and editors to recognize passion. Pray for hearts content to let God work His will. Pray for strength, sweet sleep, settled stomachs, and a desire to learn, share, and minister.

Because sometimes the most important meetings at conferences don't happen across the desk in an appointment time. Sometimes the most ministry happens in the hallway, the elevator, or even the bathroom. Sometimes the best relationships are developed between room mates who were strangers before the conference.

Please pray for those attending, those teaching, those searching for the next best seller. Pray for those who are not attending, who wanted to come but couldn't for any number of reasons. And, please, pray for those who will be serving at the conference, the hotel staff, that they would see the love of Jesus in the midst of their workplace.

We are part of a large group of Christian Writers -- let's not forget the Christian part in the busyness of the Writer part.

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