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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Get Your Toes Stepped On

Following my last blog, I've had several people who have actually thanked me for stepping on their toes. Let me state categorically that was not my intention when I posted that blog.
I really just wanted to share a recent revelation from God about my faith and my writing, and hoped, maybe, that it might speak to one of you out there in Blog-land.
I guess I wasn't expecting God to use a megaphone to speak to you.
And yet, sometimes He does that.
I have recently been reading in 1 Kings 19 about where Elijah was hiding in the cave from Jezebel. There was an earthquake, a big wind (think hurricane or tornado), and a fire, and yet God didn't speak to Elijah through those elements. Instead, He waited until Elijah calmed down a little bit, then spoke to him in a still small voice.
So, while God does sometimes use a megaphone (think Donna), He also uses a small still voice.
Think Retreat.
The ACFW Colorado Writers Retreat is being held April 24 and 25. Last year we had a great turnout, especially considering the quick planning and short lead-in time. This year, we are expecting an even bigger group. Kimberly Woodhouse is our keynote speaker, and she has already promised to step on our toes.
And yet, for those of you who know her, you can be sure Kim will step on your toes in a way that makes you want to smile and come back for more. The Spirit of God is so sweet and delicate on her that you won't even realize she has stepped on your toes. But she isn't cotton candy – this lady has a faith to move mountains and a testimony that will bring tears and challenge you.
Please, I urge you, make plans to attend this retreat. Encourage your writer friends to attend, whether they are members of ACFW or not.
The truth is, getting your toes stepped on is not the worst thing that could happen to you. The Bible says God chastens (think coaxes, encourages, redirects) those He loves. So, if you aren't getting your toes stepped on -- well, you can figure out what that means.
The retreat time will refresh you, renew you, cause you to question your calling to write, make you hate where you are, direct you on to new heights, and strengthen your bonds of friendship with other like-minded writers who are going through the same process.
And hey, the good news is, if you get your toes stepped on enough, you can always go out and buy new shoes!

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