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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It Comes When It Comes

After a recent ACFW chapter meeting, my mother and I chatted about the discussion topic, “Your favorite book on writing.”

In the mood to be down on myself, I wailed, “I should be reading more books on craft! Then I wouldn’t be stuck on this chapter I’m writing.”

Mom, a seasoned author, very helpfully replied, “No, you’d probably still be stuck.”

Sigh. “You’re right,” I told her. “It comes when it comes.”

She agreed, and then we listed all the places we were likely to receive inspiration when we least expected it. For her, it often comes in a church service. For me, it happens when I drive around alone in my car. Since I have two children, I’m hardly ever driving anywhere by myself. Hmm, that may explain my lack of brainwaves.

I’m certainly not arguing against reading books on the writing craft, but ultimately, we believe our inspiration comes from God. Studying the craft gives us tools to use when He chooses to zap our little noggins with story and truth.

So where are you likely to get zapped? The shower? The gym? The canned soup aisle? My advice for you, and myself, is to go there and wait on God. And if you don’t receive inspiration before the warm water runs out, our your muscles give in, or you’ve bought every variety of Cream of Something soup, then don’t worry. Inspiration comes when it comes. Or, I should say, when He sends it.


Kathy Kovach... said...

Inspiration usually comes for me when my hands are wet. Why is that? So, I've decided that if it truly was from God, He'll help me remember it clear up until I can grab a pen and paper. Yes, I can forget things that quick.

Donita K. Paul said...

Actually falling water releases ions. Ions are stimulus for thought. So showers, washing dishes, and the like are like sitting by a stream, a waterfall, or in the rain. If your allergies don't act up from all that nature, you will probably receive a brilliant idea due to ion-stimulation. But don't quote me on that.

Paulette Harris said...

I like your thoughts this morning.

Now I understand why I get so much inspiration when I am in the tub or shower and why I like the blog I have with the waterfalls,ponds and streams.

Water in any form inspires me and I am grateful for the living water in my life as I stand under it.

Blessings to all.
Paulette Harris

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