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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hitting the mark

I arrived home from camp Sunday night and began the arduous task of reading a week's worth of emails. It's times like these that I forget to be thankful for news and the Internet in general. The temptation to "select all" and "delete" can be overwhelming. Then something caught my eye. Someone had left a comment on a blog post I had written three years ago. Scanning down my inbox, I came across a second comment on a two year old post. Two different people found my blog while searching for specific topics, and took the time to leave a comment even though it was now old news to me. A slow smile spread across my face as God whispered a deep truth into my soul.
Only God knows how or when your words will hit their mark in the hearts of those who need to read them.
I came back from the writer's conference ready to jump in full force, and yet the busyness of summer and the call of running a ministry has left my writing aspirations and dreams mingling somewhere off my radar. What was once a burning passion and a desperate need to write has become a siren call that faintly echoes from a far away place. The voice is beautiful and strong, but soft enough that I can easily ignore it if I concentrate. And I must if I am going to keep my sanity and witness through my over-scheduled July. I pray this season isn't long and I can reclaim my writing time and move forward soon.

One of the posts was about the movie August Rush, which I loved, so I clicked my way over to YouTube to watch a clip from the movie. I wept through "Raise It Up," a beautiful song about beating the odds, and pursuing hope and God. The last line rings loud and clear for my writing journey at the moment. Young Jamia Simone Nash sings "Sometimes it seems impossible, that's why we pray." I pray these words hits their mark in your heart as they have in mine.

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