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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Like Pulling Teeth

Perhaps I stand alone in this confession: Sometimes writing as an act of worship can be like pulling teeth -- painful, messy, leaving an ache afterward, but I always feel better for having done it.

Not that I've had many teeth pulled, but I've had toothaches, and I know how good that feels when it goes away!

Writing as an act of worship is rarely convenient. There are many other things I'd rather be doing -- like laundry, organizing my spice rack, even dusting my office.

Writing as an act of worship is never comfortable. Even as I learn more about my characters and my setting, I learn more about myself. What makes me tick. What makes me boil. What makes me cry.

Writing as an act of worship is seldom complete. Just when I think I'm done with a paragraph, a chapter, a book, I find other ways to improve the story, tighten the writing, strengthen the plot.

Writing as an act of worship is always sacrificial. No matter how excited I am about sitting down to put words on the screen, I must choose that over any of the other dozens of tasks begging my attention.

Writing as an act of worship is spiritual in nature. I pray before I put fingers to keyboard, asking the Lord to write His story through me. Without Him, I would be just another hack writer begging to be read. With Him, published or not, I touch lives.

Writing as an act of worship is my greatest service to my King. Through my writing, I'm able to return to Him the words He has given. I can point others to the loving creator of the universe, offer them hope in a dark world, and share the love of Christ, sometimes without even mentioning His name.

Writing as an act of worship is integral to my writing process. Whether you find writing to be inconvenient, uncomfortable, or incomplete, keep on writing. Look for the ways that your writing can be sacrificial, spiritual, and service-oriented. Fill your writing with your passion for your Lord, the promises of His Word, and professions of what He has done in your life.

This month, look for ways to worship the King through your writing. Even if it is just between you and Him. Write, write, write!

1 comment:

Jan Parrish said...

Yes, writing can be very painful at time, especially as we write unto Him. But, oh the joy and the cleansing that takes place. Thanks Donna. Beautifully done.

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