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Monday, January 5, 2009

God's Calling

Hi. I’m Kathy Kovach, the ACFW Rocky Mountain Zone Director. I help organize local chapters in Colorado, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. I’ve been a member of ACFW since 2002, although then it was called ACRW, American Christian Romance Writers. After serving in various small capacities, God opened an avenue for me to truly give back to this great organization.

Let me first begin by reminding you of God’s call on Moses’ life.

In Exodus 3:10, God said to Moses, “So now, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people the Israelites out of Egypt."

And how did Moses respond? Yes, Lord, send me your willing servant? NO! He said, “Who am I…?”

God then answered back, “I will be with you.”

The conversation went downhill from here until God’s anger burned, and ultimately, Moses ended up doing what he was asked to do anyway.

Three years ago, in 2005, God gave me a vision -- writer’s groups dotted all along the front range of Colorado. On my own, the prospect seemed daunting. I argued that I wasn’t equipped for such a task, but God said, “I will be with you.”

That very year, ACFW announced that because of their growth, they were going to break up into regional zones. They asked for zone director volunteers as well as area coordinators to work within their own states. With an organization to back me in my vision, I felt a rush in my spirit. And fear -- yes, despite the fact that God had already assured me that He would be with me. I’d learned my lesson through Moses, so I didn’t continue to argue with God until His anger burned, but also didn’t jump on the bandwagon right away. I decided to pray about it, asking God which (if any) position I should volunteer for -- zone director or area coordinator. I wasn’t sure I could handle six states, but again, knew that God would equip me if it was His will.

I learned within a couple of months after that conference that Tracie Peterson had become the zone director for the Rocky Mountain Zone. She soon contacted me to consider the area coordinator job. You would think this would be confirmation for me. Right? I’m sure God was standing behind me as I read her email saying, “Take it, already!” But I asked her instead if I could pray about it and get back with her in a week.

That’s how seriously I took this honor. I wanted to know beyond any doubt that God had called me to that position. Even though I’d had the vision before the announcement, even though everything slid into place, even though the timing was right for me on a personal and professional level, I still needed that one thing to prompt me to say yes.

It finally came. That absolute peace, the assurance that God wanted me, only me, as area coordinator. And that He would do as He promised, “I will be with you.” I accepted the position within five days instead waiting until the end of the week.

I share this because many have been called, but few accept. Fear, timidity, busyness, all become excuses when the fallible human being is asked to do something for the Kingdom. And believe me, I’ve used every one of those excuses and more at one time or another.

If you are called to volunteer for ACFW, or anywhere else, know that just as in the case of Moses, who boldly told God, “Here I am, send Aaron,” God will equip you. You need not fear, for He will yoke Himself with you to get the job done.

In May of 2008, Tracie Peterson asked one more thing of me. She was stepping down from her Zone Director position and asked me to pick up the mantle. This time, instead of an email, she bought me a Mexican dinner. Maybe that’s why it was easier for me to say yes. Hey, it certainly didn’t hurt! Perhaps Moses would have accepted more readily with a spinach enchilada to entice him. During the same meal she bribed. . .er. . .asked Margie Vawter to move up from President of the Denver chapter to fill the Area Coordinator position I would be leaving. I’m sure she went through the same process that I did. Margie, your Colorado Coordinator, kicked off our new blog on January 2.

The vision God had given me three years ago is starting to see fulfillment. Colorado has two official chapters, Denver and Colorado Springs, with Pueblo, South Denver, Frisco, and Loveland all waiting in the wings.

And I have learned an important lesson. NEVER argue with God because He will have His way. And equally as vital: God keeps His promises.

May you also be encouraged by God’s words, “I will be with you.”


On a personal note, I’m a mom to a couple of great guys and Gramma to three awesome kids. I married my best friend, Jim, back in 1975, and we continue to pal around Colorado together in our Coleman camper equipped with fishing gear.

Professionally, my work has won awards, and I have three books out with Barbour Publishing, with three more contracted. For additional info, please stop by my website,, or check out my writing blog,

I will be speaking TONIGHT, Monday, Jan 5, with the South Denver group. Come out to the Barnes & Noble at Park Meadows, 8374 S. Willow Street, Lone Tree CO at 7:00 PM. My topic is:
Five Fireproof Practices for your First Five Pages
Have you submitted your manuscript only to have it come back in ashes? Are your contest scores rife with blazing comments? I will discuss five fireproof practices guaranteed to snuff out the negativity and put the sizzle where it belongs--in your excellent writing.

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Paula said...

Well said, Kathy. Thank you.

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