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Monday, February 16, 2009

Peak Writing Conference -- A Treasurer's Perspective

You know, I'm excited about the prospect of being a part of launching our very first writing conference here in Colorado. I am confident it's going to be the first of many for years to come and set a precedent for a late Fall conference as well. We've got a fantastic line-up of speakers, delicious food, a book table and a book signing to boot! You can read all about it on the EVENTS page.

But, as the treasurer for the Colorado Springs chapter, I must say I'm learning a whole new set of rules and regulations, restrictions and requirements, as we move closer and closer toward crossing those T's and dotting those I's. All in the name of making sure we have our bases covered and are operating above board on everything connected to the conference.

First, I learned from a helpful CPA who has advised us in business procedures, that we need to file for a tax license in order to sell books at the conference. One must be filed with the state. The other with the county. Thanks to Norm, I located the forms we needed, but it was all Greek to me! :) So, a phone call was made and the forms were filled out for us. I only had to drop them off, pay for the license and we're all set. Phew! One thing down.

Second, I had to have legal forms for the authors who would be consigning books at our book table. Thanks to the years I spent co-running the national bookstore at the annual conference, I had these forms on hand. They only needed some minor tweaking, and we were good to go! Just have to make sure all authors complete the forms beforehand so we have their consent.

Third, and this doesn't directly affect me, but we are planning to record the 3 sessions and make a CD avaialable. Enter another set of rules and regulations to make certain the production is done correctly and all copyright information is visible on the front of the CD. I know I won't be handling this part, but I will be handling the orders and collecting the funds.

Finally, all of this is happening when I'm just 5 weeks away from delivering a baby. I'll be 3 weeks away when the day of the conference comes. They say that your brain gets sapped when you're pregnant, and this is so true! It's great to have a supportive board who is faithful to remind me when I forget something or write it down and send the notes so that I can reference and remember what it was I was supposed to do. If I had to rely on my memory? Yeah...I'm sure there'd be things not done. :)

I can only imagine what I'll be like after they baby's born. Might have to bone up even more on my vitamins and brain power supplements.

So, to wrap up, if you have been considering the conference and wondering if it's worth it to attend, don't delay. We'd love to have a head count in advance as much as possible to prepare the food. Me personally? I'd love to know about authors attending who will be selling books to make sure we have the space for everyone's products.

Just click on the EVENTS page and download/print the registration form. The 2 book forms are there as well.

Hope to see you there!

Tiffany Amber Stockton is an author and freelance web site designer who lives with her husband and fellow author in beautiful Colorado Springs. They celebrated the birth of their first child in March and have a vivacious puppy named Roxie, a Border Collie/Flat-Haired Retriever mix. She has sold six books so far to Barbour Publishing. Other credits include writing articles for various publications, five short stories with Romancing the Christian Heart, and contributions to the books: 101 Ways to Romance Your Marriage and Grit for the Oyster.

Read more about her at her web site:


Jan Parrish said...

Sounds like a great conference. I'll look forward to purchasing the CD.

Tiffany Amber Stockton said...

Sorry you can't make it, Jan. We'll miss you. :)

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