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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Mushiness

Love is in the air. (Or is that the alluring aroma of the pecan pie I made for my husband?)

Since Saturday is Valentine's Day, I'd like this to be an interactive-let's-write-something-ooey-gooey kind of post.

I think everyone should share something mushy. A mushy story of you and your spouse. Or, it could be an almost-coulda-been-mushy-turned-hilarious kind of story. Or even an I-wish-this-would-happen-to-me kind of story.

Who's game?
And just to get everyone started, here's mine:
For Valentine's Day eighteen years ago, the man who is now my husband presented me with a teddy bear holding a little box. In that little box was the yummiest piece of chocolate ever. (And I am a chocolate snob! So my man knew his stuff.)

As the morsel melted in my mouth, I hugged my sweet guy. We were in Bible College, and neither of us had much money, so his gift meant even more.

Taking my hand he walked me down the hill toward my dorm. Suddenly, he stopped and proclaimed, "Hold on! I forgot something!"

He reached into his pocket and pulled out another little box. This time, the box contained an engagement ring. And I've worn it ever since.

Now, if you'd like to post a little story, just click on the comments button. And if we don't get very many, I'll know that you are all out there creating new romantic moments to share!

Love is in the air...


Kimberley Woodhouse is a wife, mother, author, and musician with a quick wit and positive outlook despite difficult circumstances. A popular speaker, she’s shared at more than 600 venues across the country. Kimberley and her family's story have garnered national media attention for many years, but most recently her family was chosen for ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Montel Williams Show, and Discovery Health channel’s Mystery ER which premiered in 2008. Her story, Welcome Home: Our Family’s Journey to Extreme Joy, releases in September 2009 from Focus on the Family. Kimberley lives, writes, and homeschools in Colorado with her husband and two children in their truly “extreme” home.


Paulette Harris said...

I couldn't resist the invitation to comment. You all will understand why I won't be with you this Sat. It's our anniversary!

Forty years ago on Valentines Day, my sweetheart and I were married.

Now he will tell you I backed him up against a water heater as a yes or no proposal.

I will say that happened after we were married.

I will tell you that we danced to E Gada La Vida (I don't even remember how to spell the title!). It was twenty minutes long and then Jim proposed on Dec. 16th,1969.

He used to send me love notes on an old teletype machine that went around the world while we were in the military.

I accepted the engagement ring on New Year's Eve. I wanted to wait until he came back from recent orders to Vietnam, but he argued because he wanted to make me his beneficiary if something happened.
Well, I was touched to say the least,definitely as sweet as chocolate. His orders were for the first of May, so we married on Feb. 14th because it was payday!

The main thing besides God that has kept us together is that we have put each other first in our lives. That means sometimes putting our own needs or wants on the back burner.

Enjoy Valentines with the ones you love.

Hugs in Jesus,
Jim and Paulette Harris

Donna Schlachter said...

One of my favorite Valentine's Day celebrations wasn't even a day -- it was a week.

About two years ago, I was actually working out of town on Valentine's Day. When I came home, Patrick gave me a small gift with "Day 1" written on the paper.

The next day, he gave me another gift marked day 2, and so on for the week. Each gift was something inexpensive he had picked up, mostly at a thrift store, but I knew they were specially chosen for me, because the first 3 things had strawberries on them -- and I love strawberries, and use them as my motif in my kitchen.

I hope you all have a wonderful day with your honey -- and if you want to make it a Valentine's Week, I think that would be a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Kim, you asked me to share my dreams since I don't have any stories.

My earliest memory is of wanting to be married. I started praying for my husband when I was nine. That the Lord would prepare me for him and him for me.

I'm probably more romantic in my thoughts than most people you know, I just never show it... rarely even to myself.

As much as I hate "normal" I want the husband, white picket fence... whole nine yards. Um.. without the 2.5 kids.

I don't want a perfect marriage. I'm not naive enough to believe that is possible. I've seen too much in my life. most of it would scare people off from marriage, but I've held onto those dreams anyway. I want a healthy marriage... one based on the Rock.

Paula said...

Praying for that husband God promised you, Anonymous!

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